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Our TEFL center in Tehran is an established, well-known, knowledge-based language school with over 10 years of experience in providing language learning and teacher education programmes. The school is located in a spacious, fully-equipped school near Vanak Square in Tehran.

The school operates with a content-based curriculum in which English skills are acquired through the study of other disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry, Literature, etc.

iTTi Tehran trains teachers to be qualified for teaching English through science and offers TESOL certification in three different modes: online, onsite, and combined. Upon successful completion,of their training program, graduates receive an internationally accredited certificate by ITTI (International Tefl Training Institute) based in New York.

120-HOUR ON-SITE TESOL CERTIFICATION(100% on-site training)

Total course fee: $900
Deposit: $400 (upon registration)
Balance payment: $500 due 5 business days before the first course day
Certificate fee due at the center: $60

The program comes with full career support and three guaranteed
interviews with Iranian language schools.


120-Hour In-Class Course Dates
15 December – 11 January
13 January – 9 February
12 February – 10 March
3 April – 28 April
1 May – 26 May
29 May – 23 June
3 July – 28 July
31 July – 25 August
5 September – 29 September
2 October – 27 October
30 October – 24 November
27 November – 22 December


(75% on-line/25% on-site teaching practice)


Total course fee: $900
Certificate fee due at the center: $60
Deposit: $400 (upon registration)

Balance payment: $500 due five business days before the first teaching
practice day.

The program comes with full career support and three guaranteed
interviews with Iranian Language schools.


Teaching Practice Dates 2017
15 December – 22 December
13 January – 20 January
12 February – 19 February
3 April – 10 April
1 May – 8 May
29 May – 6 June
3 July – 10 July
31 July – 7 August
5 September – 12 September
2 October – 9 October
30 October – 7 November
27 November – 4 December


Special Features
– Tehran Tour
– Persian night (dinner and music)
– Dinner in Milad Tower
– 3-day trip to Shiraz (Persepolis)
The events are not included in the course fees. They are optional and
require a minimum number of participants in order to take place.

Tehran, adorned with art, culture, and ancient Persian wit is where language is not only spoken but praised at its best. Iranians are well- expressed rhetoricians and very much enthusiastic about learning other languages; in every corner of every street in the capital, one can easily find a cultural center, an academic venue or a language school most of which are looking forward to recruiting competent English teachers with high salary.

Iran has been experiencing an ever-growing number of university graduates over the past decade. The capital is home to over 50 universities and colleges as well as hundreds of language schools with extra-ordinary potentials and classes usually geared towards communicative competence in a foreign language. There have always been high demands to learning English for personal interests, academic requisites, immigration and business purposes. All this has made this city even more appealing as the right destination for teaching English abroad.