Become An Agent

Why becoming an iTTi School of English ( iTTi Agent) Pays off


1. Comprehensive Formal Assessment & Course Accomplisment Certificates from iTTi New York for both students & teachers
2. iTTi Agents' Names & Locations will go on iTTi Tehran Website
3. Assistance with iTTi Agents' English & Subject-Based Curriculum
4. iTTi Schools' Curriculum Review and Improvement
5. Comprehensive iTTi Schools' Teacher Development Program
6. Offering Online English Courses to your students using iTTi Tehran's Online Platform
7. Offering Business English Courses in collaboration with AVID ( Industrial Management Institute's Language Education Department)
8. Business English Certificates of Course Accomplisment for Business Courses
9. Online & On-site Trainer Training for iTTi Schools' Education Managers
10. Online Digital Marketing Courses for iTTi Agents' Business Development Managers
11. Online Standard Placement Tests for iTTi Agents' Students